ip_for_start_upEvery startup has IP Rights, which it needs to understand and protect for excelling in its business. Every startup uses trade name, brand, logo, advertisements, inventions, designs, products, or a website, in which it possesses valuable IP Rights. While starting any venture, the startup also needs to confirm that it is not in violation of the IP Rights of any other person to save itself from unwarranted litigation or legal action which can thwart its business activities. To know more, download this free report today to discover the flexibilities of an IP career.

In this report, you will learn:

  • How do startups get started?
  • When are they no longer startups?
  • 6 Honest Truths about Failure That All Entrepreneur Should Embrace
  • To avail IPR benefits, all that startups now need is a DIPP certificate
  • Strategies for protection and exploitation of IPR for Startups

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