Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hustle Incubation Program?

We have an exclusive opportunity- “Hustle Incubation Programme” for entrepreneurs where you can grow your business to its paramount potential while we take care of your expenses.

We are launching a fantasy opportunity for you to give your business wings.

Hustle Cowork will be offering seed funding to entrepreneurs up to INR 1000000 along with a free office space for one whole year!

All you need to have is an idea that can leave a mark and zeal to reach the grail! So come forth, tell us what you got and open the world of opportunities to make your dreams come true.

What are we offering?

Hustle Cowork invests in startups and midsize companies for a minority stake in the business.

Seed funding revolves around small investments added with other cross vertical aids for the businesses. We at Hustle Cowork believe that polishing the business ideas with the right set of expertise is what drives a business towards growth. We think of our investment as a primary co pilot that helps you steer your business concentrating on the bigger picture.

The best thing that we do for companies is that we work with them to provide constant help and guidance over polishing their million dollar idea.  Be it a small question of assigning resources to a bigger one of global expansion, we remain to project, plan and implement efficacious strategies for your businesses.

We are open to fund all types of businesses. We are especially interested in startups dealing in Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IOTs), Media or Events, Educational Startups, Food Startups, E-Commerce Startups.

Moreover, we also assist startups with all intellectual aspects and decision making processes to help them stay on the right track on their journey to grow big.

What is Our Core Value ?

We believe that entrepreneurs can take their ideas to the next level if they get the right environment and the right attitude. We strive to create and provide an environment to businesses whose dynamics lay around professional expertise and flexible yet smart approach towards work.  Being co-work specialists, we are experts in providing the work environment where your company can grow with all the assistance required under one roof.

We never try to assert our advice or ideas in your business operations. We are a zero interference company when it comes to roles in the organizations that we fund. We share ideas and mentoring for those who are willing to take.

What is our Goal?

We aim to become a perfect partner/mentor for your business to make you utilize the optimum level of your potential.  We wish to be a part of success stories of businesses that grew with the right mindset and collaborative skills into successful ventures. We strive to extend out solutions to cover all the necessities possible for startups to grow in a productive shared environment on the go.

How do we manage to be dynamic?

We believe that the key vitals required to transform ideas into business does not depend loads on money, but the right projection of necessities and assistance. We understand that small and midsize companies can grow into big organizations with thrust and the right set of decisions. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we learned as we grew that success can be achieved with maximum hard work and minimum investments.

Hustle Incubation Form

1Tell us about your company
2Let us know you well!
3What’s your progress story?
4What’s your idea?