How To Become
a Social Media Expert

Learn How to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube to generate business.


Step by Step Plan to monetize social media and build buzzing online community

Almost every business today has Facebook Page, but not everyone is using it to facilitate sales.

Whether it’s Facebook Post or Tweet or Instagram Story, customers have changed ways to engage with brand.

Every Business Need Social Media and Community Manager

As a Social Media Expert, you will be trained on how to listen, influence, network and sell on social media.

There’s just one problem: Most so-called “content marketers” don’t know what they’re doing. Why and What to write in blog articles? How blog articles will help in earning money?

That’s where you come in.

As a Certified Content Marketing Expert, you can help brands convert content into organic traffic and finally into sales.

What will you learn?

  • Social Media Success Framework

  • 10 Minute Social Media Audit

  • Automated Social Media Marketing

  • Social Listening Planner

  • How to create online buzzing community?

  • How to use social media for customer journey?

Digital Marketing Breakthrough

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Choose the Program That’s Right For You…


  • 8 Modules
  • 40 Video Lessons
  • 8 Handouts
  • 8 Review Quizzes


  • 3 days extensive training
  • 7 Core Modules
  • Face to Face Training
  • 11 Blueprints
  • – PLUS –
  • Certification
  • Business Consulting
  • Career Assistance

“We despise untested theory and believe that the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands a little dirty.
If that sounds appealing, then welcome! You’ve found your home.”


Digital Marketing Breakthrough

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